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At the 55th international art biennale in Venice, Estonia is represented by the artist Dénes Farkas with the project “Evident in Advance”, curated by Adam Budak. Dénes Farkas is a Tallinn-based post-conceptual photo artist, who has been focusing on social structures since the second half of the 2000s and presenting them in a laconic artistic expression, which unites photography and the photo caption. His works have been purchased to the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia, as well as by private individuals.


One out of eight wage earners in Estonia or approximately 65,000 peop-le are ready to look for work abroad, it appears from TNS Emor's annual survey of wage earners' expectations. The study reflected in-creased readiness to change jobs. Every third employee is considering changing jobs within a year and the share of such persons has increased from year to year along with the decrease in unemployment, the polling company said.


PM - Estonian residents’ real individual purchasing-power parity based consumption is the lowest among Baltic countries, as evidenced by Eurostat data published on June 19. According to Eurostat figures for 2012, Estonia showed 59 per cent of European average, Latvia and Lithuania preceding it with 61 and 74 per cent, respectively.


Every academic year an EANC scholarship is awarded to a Tallinn University graduate student whose research is related in some way to Estonia.  This year’s recipient is Liis Jõhvik, who began her master’s degree studies in history at Tallinn University last fall.  The prior spring, she successfully defended her Bachelor’s thesis, which examined the portrayal of men and masculinity in Soviet-era Estonian women's magazines. This research won her first place in a multi-university-wide competition.


The victims of communism were commemorated at the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington on June 12, 2013. The chairmen of the foreign affairs committees of the parliaments of Nordic and Baltic countries, members of U.S. House of Representatives, as well as representatives of nearly 20 embassies were among the participants. The event was organized by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Estonian Parliament Marko Mihkelson, Estonian Embassy in Washington and Estonian American National Council laid wreaths at the Memorial.

– Alan Ago Koerv –  Vaba Eesti Sõna  - Thursday 30th May 2013 


I read this article on the back page of ‘Vaba Eesti Sõna’ with great interest as I am both a linguist and a lover of poetry. I agree wholeheartedly with Alan Ago Koerv when he states that translating poetry demands and excellent knowledge of both the source and target languages. As he states, people may have lived in an English speaking country for decades and still not have acquired enough in depth knowledge of the nuances of English to be able to convey the original intentions of the poet. I suspect that Alan, like myself, is a second generation Estonian who was born in the USA (in my case the UK) but brought up bilingually. 


Jäätise/hooaeg (ice cream season) is in full swing and Estonians love their ice cream. It's particularly great to see older people enjoying jäätis on the street and in parks. It's an indulgence that's hard to resist even for people on a strict budget, as most Estonian senior citizens are. Jäätis is a quintessential part of suvi (summer), especially in northern climes, where the warm weather and explosion of nature is long-awaited. Jää = ice and jäätis could be translated as "something icy". The word for cream (koor) is not part of the word in Estonian, but is definitely part of the product. In the case of the koore/jäätis, the package states: 15% koorejäätis, which literally means 15% "cream ice cream", i.e. 15% milk fat.

Karina Leppik is now one of the mission commanders of the SOFIA  project of the NASA Agency. Karina used her pilot license and astronomy degree to get the job. She is the daughter of dr. Ülo Leppik and grandaughter of dr. Elmar Leppik formerly of Tartu University.


About SOFIA Project. When it comes to studying the reaches of the galaxies, NASA takes the lead. Using some of the most powerful tools available, NASA scientist gain insights into the formation of stars in space. Now, they’re sharing a rare opportunity for teachers from across the country to be a part of their learning mission.


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