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We left Tallinn in our rental car and headed southwest toward Pärnu, the start of our counter-clockwise trip around Estonia. With little idea of what to see en route we decided to wander from one historic spot to another using the guidebook, Estonian Museums, and following the ubiquitous brown signs pointing to historic/cultural sites. Occupying a strategic location, Eesti has long been coveted and fought over and, thus, has an enormous number of castles, fortifications and other ruins. As we soon discovered, history abounds.

Although I’d never been to the homeland, I’ve always felt like an Estonian. Growing up in Canada, my family spoke Estonian at home and my brothers and I were involved in the Estonian community in and around Toronto. At university my involvement with the Estonian community continued although at a decreased level, and it diminished almost completely when I departed to Australia for graduate work. Marrying a non-Estonian lady moved me even further from my Estonian roots. But I never forgot.



ERR News - The head of Enterprise Estonia, Ülari Alamets, who refused to resign upon the suggestion of the agency's supervisory board last week, has reconsidered and decided to step down. The supervisory board was due to meet on Tuesday to discuss whether Alamets should be let go due to an agency mistake that may force 61 companies to repay a total of 10.5 million euros in EU aid.


The Estonian American National Council is pleased to announce that Maia Linask was elected to its Board of Directors at its annual meeting on September 29, 2012.  She has been an EANC member since 2010.  Ms. Linask is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business. She earned her doctorate and two masters degrees at Johns Hopkins University; her undergraduate degree is from Harvard University. Maia resides in Richmond, Virginia. The EANC Executive Board is comprised of twelve directors.  They are: Krista Altok-Tassa, Ülle Ederma (Secretary), Arne Kalm, Gilda Karu, Maia Linask, Arved Plaks, Erik Puskar (Treasurer), Marju Rink-Abel (President), Eric Suuberg (Vice President), Airi Vaga, Ilmar Vanderer, and Viiu Vanderer.  


ERR News - Enefit has taken steps to produce the first batch of American-sourced shale oil and measurement results are expected soon. The Estonian company - the international arm of the state power company Eesti Energia  – has to prove the shale quality is acceptable in order to launch oil production in the US. American oil shale is different from the Estonian natural resource and its suitability for oil production has to be tested. The process is taking place in Germany, where 600 tonnes of Utah oil shale were transported for testing.


ERR News -A newly published University of Tartu doctoral thesis has concluded that Estonians and Finns, despite having similar languages, are genetically less related than Estonians are to Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles and northwestern Russians. Nevertheless, Estonians are still the closest genetic relatives that the Finns have, reported Postimees. In the study, Tõnu Esko and others compared the DNA sequences of 16 European ethnicities. Of the DNA sets analyzed, those most distantly related to Estonians were the Italians, French, Spanish, and Finns in northern Kuusamo region. "Estonians' greater genetic similarity to Latvians and Lithuanians than to Finns has been known from previous classical blood studies, but this study is the first to show our genetic relation in such depth,“ said Esko. "Since the 13th century we have been ruled by the Germans, Swedes, Poles and Russians,“ said Esko. "In addition to that, the Estonian territory has historically been divided in Estonia and Livonia - the latter is today northern Latvia and southern Estonia. It natural for there to be mixing on the border of two nations.“


ERR News - In search of fresh impetus, Olympic discus thrower Gerd Kanter announced on October 24, that he will part ways with his current trainer and team coach in November. "I have firmly decided to continue my athletic road for at least until 2016 and for this period as well I have set myself the maximum goals. I believe that some changes need to be made for the Olympic cycle that is beginning, and now after a successful season, it is a good time to make them.“


ERR News - After being cast out of the Reform Party on October 24, Silver Meikar warned of continuing corruption in the political landscape. "Unfortunately, I was not invited to the meeting and no justification was provided [for the decision]," Meikar wrote in his blog on Wednesday. "It is not right for a liberal party to shun substantive internal debate and launch disciplinary actions against those who draw attention to problems,“ he said.


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