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ERR News - The company that operates the 153-year-old Kreenholm textile factory, one of the largest and longest-running enterprises in Narva, is going into bankruptcy.
Swedish textile company Boras Wäfveri on Wednesday announced that it is filing for bankruptcy for its Narva subsidiary, Kreenholmi Valduse AS, a move that will put approximately 500 employees out of work in the economically troubled city of 66,000.

ERR News - “Bring Talent Home” resurfaced in the Estonian media, after the evening ETV program “Vabariigi Kodanikud” (Citizens of the Republic) ran an hour-long program on the topic.
“Bring Talent Home” is a project financed by EU structural funds that invites expat Estonians back via the online platform,

The Estonian Cultural Heritage Fund, Inc., established to support the preservation of Estonian culture in the US, is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2011/2012 academic year.
Applicants must be US citizens who are or have been active in Estonian-American organizations and have personally advanced their knowledge of and skills in subjects related to Estonian culture.

8 October (BNS) - A team of surgeons under Tanel Laisaar at the University of Tartu Clinical Hospital on Thursday performed the first ever lung transplant operation in Estonia. The results of the operation are in line with expectations at this point, spokespeople for the hospital said.

ERR News - Local opposition politicians will now have a better chance of swaying presidential elections thanks to changes to the election law adopted by Parliament on October 27.
The amendment to the law that governs presidential elections, which passed 57 to 20 with one abstention, affects the way local government councils appoint representatives to the electoral body, a group that plays a large role in choosing the president, reported.

The Estonian Students Fund in USA was founded in 1961 to provide scholarships and grants to students of Estonian heritage.  Since the mid-1990s, the Fund has seen increasing requests for support from students in Estonia and fewer requests for support from Estonian-Americans in the USA.  While we gladly support Estonian students no matter what part of the world they live in, we are hoping to reach greater numbers of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Estonian-Americans in the coming years. 

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves is inviting expats who have made it elsewhere to return to Estonia. I heard a local Estonian woman ask, “Why would they want to do that? What Ilves and all those Toompea troublemakers want is their money”.  Considering the present state of global financial affairs, it is a fair concern and a valid question. Estonia -in the past twenty years -has come about as far as it did in the first republic’s twenty years, all things considered equally, but instead of facing the Red Terror and occupation by Nazism and the soviet aftermath since the Second World War, Estonia is today facing only a global recession and possibly the cultural shock of the internet phenomenon.


I recently read in Renewable Energy: Ontario’s New Gold Rush By David LaGesse For National Geographic News Published September 30, 2010 how in Ontario, Canada, home of Niagara Falls, one of the biggest hydroelectric plants in the world, 23,000 farmers are switching over to solar farming. I have been writing and talking to our EU parliamentarians and local politicians for over a year trying to get Estonia to see the merits of this.

“Ontario gets considerably less sunshine than other centers of solar investment—about a third less than Nevada—but its renewable energy industry is booming due to a one-year-old government program. They're at the vanguard of a new gold rush—a race this time to capture the sun's golden rays.


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