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ERR News - At a press conference on April 7, the Estonian ski association announced that the level of growth hormone in Andrus Veerpalu's body was indeed found to be higher than permitted before the athlete decided to skip the Oslo world championships and end his career.
On February 23, Veerpalu announced he would end his skiing career and not compete in Holmenkollen because of a cold. The ski association announced today that the International Anti-Doping Agency had established a higher-than-permitted level of growth hormone in Veerpalu's body on February 14, and that the positive test results were confirmed by the German la-boratory on April 6 in a B-sample.

The event, the "Ehe Eesti Disainilaat" (design fair) was held in the month of veebruar. EHE is a beautiful, albeit slightly elusive word. Most people would say it means jewel. And they're right. Jewellery is usually spoken of in the plural (ehted). But in this case we're not talking about bling. If the ad reads "Eesti ehe", it would mean Estonian jewel(s), but ehe Eesti = genuine(ly) Estonia(n). Describing gems or jewels as pure or genuine (EHEDAD), is how they got their name. Ehe kuld = real gold; ehedad ehted = genuine jewels. The word for a gemstone, the ultimate ehe is kalliskivi, vääriskivi (precious stone) or briljant.


This title is from a New York Times feature story about junior tennis player Ingrid Neel on their sport’s page March 7, 2011. Ingrid is of Estonian descent, the granddaughter of Ingrid Vaga Neel, MD of Rochester, Minnesota, whose brother, Pastor Thomas Vaga of Lakewood, NJ is well known to Estonians. Tennis legend John McEnroe has offered Ingrid an opportunity to train at his new tennis academy, Sportstime club on Randalls Island, New York City.


I came across this on the internet: On 8 April, 2010, five high-tech companies signed EU grant agreements with the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Lithuania at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Vilnius University in Visoriai.  Together with foreign investors, these companies are setting up research and development centers for medicine, biopharmaceuticals and solar energy technologies. This is exactly what we at Energy Smart, Estonia have been lobbying our Estonian government to do for the past two years.  No one has yet put up a solar park in the Baltics. We still have the opportunity to be the first, but our government seems to be locked into supporting oil shale or nuclear as the only viable solutions to Estonia’s energy needs. Even with what is happening in Japan, our government thinks nuclear and oil shale is still the way to go.

Without Western broadcasting, totalitarian regimes would have survived much longer.  When it came to radio waves, the iron curtain was helpless. Nothing could stop the news from coming through.  The frontiers could be closed, the words could not.  From these broadcasting stations we gleaned our lessons of independent thinking and solidarity action.  The bloodless war on air ended with the defeat of the regimes that tried so hard to suppress the truth.

                                                           -- Lech Walesa

The VOA and the Cold War

            THE VOICE OF AMERICA was born in the midst of World War Two as a U.S. Government agency to inform the world about the war and American life and policies.  Its motto from its start in 1942 to today is embodied in the first words uttered in its very first broadcast, which was in German: "The news may be good or bad.  We will tell you the truth."


ERR News - Estonia is receiving 507 electric cars - for which it plans to establish a pervasive nationwide network to charge the vehicles - in exchange for trading 10 million carbon dioxide credits to Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi.   The i-MiEV make cars, which are to arrive in Decem-ber, will be given to state social workers. Confirmed on March 3, the deal also allocates funding from Mitsubishi to build 250 electric car charging centers in larger towns and along the main highways by 2013. The express chargers are capable of recharging 80 percent of an empty battery in 30 minutes.


Recently Estonia, the birthplace of world-renowned architect Louis I. Kahn, has been given a rare opportunity to own one of Kahn’s most unique creations, the POINT COUNTER POINT II.  When commissioned by Robert Boudreau, founder and director of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra (AWSO), Kahn worked closely with Boudreau to make his idea of a floating arts center and concert stage that integrates music, art and community a reality.  Since its cons-truction in 1975, it has covered more than 500,000 miles of the world’s waterways including the US, Canada, Caribbean, and the Baltic and Irish Seas, and commissioned over 400 new musical compositions, including that of Estonian Erkki-Sven Tüür.


Lee Edwards While members of Cong-ress, former cabinet members, long-time aides and assorted VIPs were celebrating Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday at the Reagan Presi-dential Library in sun-baked Simi Valley, California, I was nearly 6,000 miles away in snow-bound Tallinn, Estonia, a small Baltic country borde-ring on the former Soviet Union. As a Reagan biographer, I was invited by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Amb. Michael Polt of the U.S. Embassy to keynote a conference on President Reagan’s legacy and U.S.-Estonian relations, which couldn’t be much better in large part because of the memory of Ronald Reagan.


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