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Renee Meriste


I am always right is the message we hear globally from political leaders, business people, healers, also couples at home, almost everyone says it.


The world has adopted the mentality “I am always right”, which is the biggest threat to humanity but sadly comes from a background of strong dictatorship.


Does not matter if left or right, hetero or gay, black or white — people don’t accept others opinions and thoughts.

Fellow humans let’s wake up and relearn compromise!

My good friend once shared a very important truth of life.


His advice was, “You should always be nice to people, every single one, especially those in the service field.”


We are always in such a hurry. Why waste time with a store clerk?


His thoughts were, you never know what has happened in this person’s life today.


Someone they love might be very sick, maybe they had a car accident, lost a dog, fought with a friend or partner or any of the million stress points a human can have in a day.


You have a chance to be kind, at no cost to yourself but a smile, a hello or just the acknowledgement that you both share a moment as people.

In these moments It is a great reminder that not all other human beings think like you, they do not act like you, and they don’t have a life like you.


Everyone is unique.


That is, “I am always right” is often very wrong.


You might be right from your perspective, but not others.

“I am always right” is an attitude which takes humans and the world away from growing together and living in happiness.

If you think about what is important you will agree the greatest success in life is happiness — “I am always right” does not support happiness, it supports stress and the argument that others are wrong.


I am sure we have all felt how sometimes saying “I am sorry, I was wrong “ takes a lot of pressure from your shoulders and you have a fresh start.


It is ok to be wrong and it is ok to change your mind when the world turns around you.

In order for the world to be happy we need to listen to everyone and step forward together.


Debate and negotiate middle ground ideas, those that unite us and keep us in the best possible route as a human nation.


I love listening to everyone’s opinions and thinking about them, before I will say anything.


Of course in reality most of the time the common beliefs push you to answer now instead of thinking about it.

When I moved to the United States 13 years ago I told my friend here in Los Angeles that I fear one day America will become like the Soviet Union used to be.


Meaning only one mentality and thought will be forced to the masses.

The greediness and egomaniacs will take over and the American dream we all dreamed globally will be gone.


He said no, it will never happen.

I defended my argument that the love for having it all will come from the countries and people who can pay bribes to get it all.


Does not seem so crazy now and I can see that bribe or pay off mentality growing everyday.


He still said it will never happen in the USA and he said doing business and taking money from those corrupted mentalities is ok.


I argued if you take their money you will also take their mentality of life, he didn’t believe me.

He gave me a call last week and reminded me of this conversation.


He said “ 13 years later we are almost there. You were right”.


I was right, but I wish I was not!

The money people can earn from bribes makes it way easier to own a house, a fancy car, travel a lot and have a richer life money wise than go to regular work and make enough money to pay rent and take care of yourself and loved ones…

Even more, there are not enough jobs anymore.


Getting paid gets harder and harder, robots are doing human jobs.


We need to think how we go further as a world, if we don’t have enough jobs then dictatorships will win.


I think one of the solutions is to pay people who don’t have a job monthly survival support, then they don’t need to support the tyranny and start thinking about the world instead of focusing on how to cover their everyday minimum needs.


People will support leadership if leadership is helping them to grow and takes care of them and can have their free mind back.


If the government does not take care of its own people.


People will support the popularity contest and don’t think about anything else.

We need new laws, many new rules. They are just too old.

I really like to support the old thought that the Earth belongs to the living and times changes and laws and rules must change too.


I suggest that every 25 years the constitution and laws are changed by the people who live in that time.

The earth does belong to the ones who are alive and it changes every day and every year and we need to change the rules and laws accordingly.


Therefore the need for people to be involved and get elected is bigger than ever.


People who support values and happiness instead of greediness and likes they get from social media.


We need good people to follow. Vote for good people, be the good people others can vote for.

I don’t want to be repressed and pushed down because I think differently.


That is like in the Soviet Union was, but that’s where we almost are today in America, in Europe and globally.

Let’s change the “ I am always right” culture to “Let’s compromise and build a better future for everyone.”


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