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Estonian children’s physiotherapist Maarja Säde has released a book, now for sale on Amazon, featuring daily baby exercises that help to shape a child's proper movement patterns and encourage their physical development.

The author of the books “My Active Baby” and “Baby Massage and Yoga”, Maarja Säde demonstrates exercises for children with her son.


The exercises are depicted on photos, which make the whole process very easy to follow.

Maarja Säde is a well-known and highly respected children’s physiotherapist, who holds classes for mothers.


She not only actively popularizes the harmonious development of babies by creating special exercises for them, but also provides comprehensive information for parents about the nuances of childcare.

Maarja Säde: As a child, I was deeply interested in biology, I especially really loved animals.


My dream as a child however, was to become a Zoo director.


At school, I became really interested in human physiology and I have always felt a calling  towards medical professions.


Considering my background and intrests, it was only natural for me to choose a profession that involved helping others and something connected with physiology.


When I graduated high school and was at the crossroads of choosing my future career, I discovered the interesting profession of physiotherapy.


I then went to study the subject at Tartu Ülikool (the University of Tartu).


I instantly liked my choice, but I found my true calling at the end of my bachelors studies, when I went to practice physiotherapy at Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikumi Lastehaigla (The Children's Clinic of Tartu University Hospital).


There, I was able to work with premature babies, babies with motor delays and other physical impairments and congenital diseases.


I then realised that this is what I’d like to do for the rest of my life.


When I was half way through my Physiotherapy Master studies, I went to work at Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla, (the East-Tallinn Central Hospital). 


I was really fortunate to be able to have my dream job there – working with babies and expectant mothers.


In many cases, for example with premature babies experiencing motor delays, my work included educating parents about child development and how to promote it.


I myself wasn’t a parent at the time and I always wondered why they forgot all the exercises I showed them.


In a while, I realised that parents have a lot to keep in mind – regarding babies’ sleep, feeding, etc.


And it was only natural for them to forget all the tips and tricks on how to help their baby learn different  motor skills, because they have so much more to keep in mind.


And then I had an idea how to make parents’ life easier with an e-book that consisted of exercises to promote babies’ motor development.


I also created a website ( where parents could find useful information regarding babies’ motor skills and development.


When I had my first baby, my dream grew and I decided to make an even mmore thorough book about supporting babies’ motor development.


During my firstborn child’s first year, I photographed all the useful exercises I did with him and during my baby’s second year of life, I got in touch with a publisher who liked my book idea and together we released my first actual book “Minu aktiivne beebi. Arendavad harjutused sünnist esimese sammuni.“ (“My Active Baby”).


Then I had my second baby, and soon the publisher approached me with the idea of making another book about baby massage.


We added baby yoga exercises to that book because at the time I had just received a diploma in baby and parent yoga teacher training.


And I thought many parents would benefit from it.


So when my second child was two-years-old, we published a new book called (“Beebimassaaž ja –jooga”) “Baby Massage and Yoga”.


During that time, the first book – “My Active Baby” became more and more popular in Estonia and my publisher offered to publish the book in Latvia as well.


And after seeing how popular the books are in Estonia and Latvia, they had the idea of translating the book into English and selling it on Amazon, so that the useful knowledge regarding promoting babies’ motor development would spread to more and more parents.


Now the book “My Active Baby” is availabe for purchase on Amazon.

The exercises in the “My Active Baby” book are divided into four age groups – from birth to three months, from three months to six months, from six months to nine months and from nine months to baby’s first steps. In the book you will find a little introduction to every motor skill a baby learns in his/her first year of life, this helps parents to know how a certain skill develops and how to promote it.


You will also find a wide range of exercises with which you can help your baby to learn different motor skills.


The book contains easy exercises that promote your baby’s brain and motor development and help your baby to move easily through his / her first year’s milestones.


“My Active Baby” will encourage every parent to exercise and play together with their baby. In doing so, you will create a special bond with your child and it’s also a fun way to spend quality time with your baby.


With the help of the book “My Active Baby” you can monitor your baby’s development and identify motor delays early on.


Then you will know if you need to get expert help.


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