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The Road to BERRICHI



Berit Joosep


December 3, 2020

An accountant by day, and a herbal alchemist by night, Berit Joosep was living the  normal life of a working mom of two.


She had no prior experience in the world of cosmetics.


She did not set out to create an innovative skincare line. It just happened.

On the way, she learned about chemistry, about business and about herself.


She learned to push her boundaries beyond points she had not known before.


She learned that she did not need to know the how, but as long as she was moving forward, the path presented itself. Where there is a will, there is a way, is something she came to fully believe.

This belief was truly put to the test as she and her husband, Janno Joosep, endeavored to bring her perfect formula to life; as they were feeling their way through the hurdles of birthing their skincare company, ninety percent of the people they met along the way advised not to embark on this journey.


They learned that competition in the cosmetics business is fierce and it is very difficult to succeed.


On several occasions, they considered abandoning their quest, but Berit’s desire for pure and nourishing skincare and her husband's unwavering belief and support kept them moving forward.

Berit grew up in Viljandi, Estonia in a family of four, as the younger sister. 


She was a lively tomboy who climbed trees, tricked her friends and tried to avoid school as best as she could.


She particularly loved the summers spent at her grandparents’ house.


These summers were some of the most influential times in her life.


It was there where she was introduced to nature and all things earthy.


Vanaema and vanaisa, as she called them, were very nurturing and conscientious people, who truly lived their lives in harmony with nature.


Berit learned a lot from them. She learned that broadleaf plantain leaves applied to a fresh wound stops the bleeding, that washing her hair with egg will make it soft and shiny and that jumping in the ice-cold water will significantly strengthen her immune system.


She grew up with the understanding that nature provides remedies that help the body to utilize its immense healing capabilities.

It was a few years after the birth of her second child that Berit became more deeply involved with natural remedies as she struggled to get the balance of her skin back to normal.


She did not find any product that gave her the desired result.


Finally, in 2014, this pushed her to sign up for classes to learn about botany and chemistry in the hope of creating exactly what her skin needed.


Berit believed that nature has the answer for her skin troubles.


The breakthrough to finding the right ingredients came after their family trip to Bali, where both Berit and her husband noticed the immense amount of algae at the fish market.


The elderly fishermen’s soft and silky hands also caught their attention; particularly, since it was in such a deep contrast with their otherwise tanned and wrinkled skin.


This observation was the catalyst for the bigger journey into the world of skincare and in 2017, BERRICHI was born.

The BERRICHI products derive their uniqueness from their active ingredients and their combination.


The main active ingredients, furcellaran extracted from Baltic Sea red algae and astaxanthin from the Icelandic microalgae, are combined with superoils.


Furcellaran slows down the aging process by neutralizing free radicals and provides deep skin moisture.


Astaxanthin's small molecular structure enables it to cross many cell membranes and treat the skin at its deepest layers.


The primary superoils used in the formulas are cacay oil and apricot kernel oil.


The oils earn the "super" designation for their highly potent properties; their nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins are highly valued skincare ingredients.

The search for the ultimate combination took two and half years.


While astaxanthin had been widely researched and used in skincare, there was no known cosmetic application of furcellaran, which, however, has been traditionally used in the making of marmalade candy in the Baltic Sea region.

In early 2015, Berit and Janno commissioned research into furcellaran conducted by scientists Dr. Rando Tuvikene and Marju Robal at the Institute of Natural and Health Sciences of Tallinn University, Estonia.


The powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and deep moisturizing properties of furcellaran were scientifically proven by their research.


Subsequently, the initial formula was developed.


The product development of the BERRICHI line was also advised by Tartu Biotechnology Park, Enterprise Development Foundation and Baltic Blue Bio Alliance.


The BERRICHI skincare line was launched in October 2017.

By March 2018, BERRICHI became a success story of the Estonian green cosmetics industry, winning its first Beauty Shortlist Award. Among the earliest admirers of BERRICHI was Mrs. Evelin Ilves, Estonia’s First Lady at the time, evidenced by her personal Facebook post and candid product review published in the popular Estonian Women’s Magazine, Anne & Stiil.

The brand name BERRICHI may seem a bit Italian, but in fact it is composed of Berit's nickname, BERR, and the word CHI, symbolizing soul, vitality and passion.


A name well fitting; Berit put her whole heart and soul into her creations.

Berit's bold and passionate journey has been an inspiring example for many, including Berit's sister Marit, who has believed in BERRICHI from the beginning.

After establishing a solid presence in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Germany and Austria, the brand was ready to make its debut in the United States. and the path appeared once again.


Berit looked to her sister, a long-time U.S. resident, for guidance. It was not before long that Marit joined the BERRICHI team as its U.S. representative.


Now, the complete BERRICHI product line is also available in the U.S.

If you would like to know more about BERRICHI's activities in the U.S., you are invited to follow the BerrichiUS Facebook page.


If you would like to surprise your loved ones with pure and nourishing skincare products, you can visit the website.

By Katalin Pesti






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